A while ago I was told that “aging” is a word no one wants to hear because it goes against the very essence of our “forever young” culture. I was also told that to be a “Blogger” one must pick a limited niche and stick to it no matter what. Be the expert, give sound advice, and know that no one really wants to hear random thoughts about how I eat, or live, or spend my days. And they definitely don’t want to hear me wax on about how it’s possible to live in a way that is inspired, fun, vibrant, and oh so adaptable to one’s own ideals and choices just by deciding to do it.

So, well, you know (actually maybe you don’t know yet, but you will come to know this about me), despite being a people pleaser, a libra who does not like conflict, and a self-professed social introvert, I am not very good at adhering to what others say I can and cannot do. I am very good at nodding and smiling and pretending to agree but I will always choose to walk my own path whether you journey with me or not! And I get horribly stressed when I have to stay only on “one” path, topic, option, or adventure!

The Oxford on-line dictionary defines Excellence (n.), as “The quality of being outstanding or extremely good.” Isn’t that great?? We can all be “extremely good” at something (think napping, or reading, or laughing, or so many other options) … and that means we can ALL absolutely be AWEsome! As the cliché goes, we are not getting older, we’re getting better! lol

I may not be outstanding all the time, but I am definitely extremely good at many things, and I am sure you are too. So welcome to my blog! I’m a newbie here in this work. I don’t really have any idea how or what I’m doing, but I am delighted to have you along on this journey with me. I hope to entertain, inspire, delight, and share a lot of laughs (maybe a little wisdom), and a few embarrassments with you. I am grateful our paths have crossed on this journey called life because that is truly awesome.

Much love & light to you – Happy travels, smile often, live happy!

Wendy xo

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