I am Wendy Sammut, Mindfully Awesome Tour-Guide & Goddess at Heart. Some of you may know me from Inner Sanctum Yoga Studio in Milton, a business I owned and operated for twenty years. Some of you may be brand new to me. I welcome you all and am so happy you have arrived on my website. I am a teacher, student, writer who is enamoured with all things mindful!

Mindfully Awesome is a transformation of the Inner Sanctum yoga and meditation experience that began back in April 2000. It is an evolution that has occurred over time through personal growth, acquired knowledge, and life’s shifts and changes. Mindfulness has been the guiding force of my entire adult life. By bringing the practices of mindfulness together with a sense of wonder and an endless curiosity of living, the concept of Mindfully Awesome was born.

Cultivating a Body, Mind and Spirit consciousness that is an amazing celebration of all that life brings, is incredible. I welcome you on this AWESOME JOURNEY!

Much love and support – Wendy xo 

I have the power to heal myself.
You have the power to heal yourself.
Together we have the power to heal the world.
~ Zhi Gang Sha

My Work is My Passion

I want to make a difference by cultivating a kinder, gentler, more compassionate society in which to live. I am here to share all that I have learned on this journey of body, mind, and spirit in a joy-filled, enlightened, and creative way. I am also here to laugh often and smile at strangers!

I happily share all things mindful, including guided meditation, conscious awareness practices, cultivation of gratitude, support for the plant-based curious, and so much more!

When we take care of our body, we always have somewhere to live. When we become aware of our thoughts, words, actions, reactions, and emotions, we build greater personal strength and a deeper, gentler, understanding of our self.

Once our physical selves of body and mind are feeling loved and supported, we have a greater opportunity to connect with the energy of spirit and trust our intuition. Our interactions with ourselves and others become kinder, less judgemental, and more empathetic.

Imagine creating your very own toolkit of practices, knowledge, inspiration, and options that support you to be your best, happiest, healthiest, self!

Let me be your Guide on Life’s Great Mindfulness Adventure – It’s truly magical!

Ready to start your growth journey?


Hamilton Ontario Canada

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