Are you a Snacker? Do you love a crisp, tasty cracker straight up or slathered in something delicious? I do. More than I care to admit as I have been known to eat entire packages of crackers at one sitting, with or without any extra add-ons!

The Catch-22 is that I am also a very healthy eater, (at least in my mind, and when I don’t think about how often I consume potato chips, which is fuel for another fess-up post – serious eyeroll happening). However, eating an entire box of wheat-thins or veggie-thins or rice crisps or saltines at one go was probably not the best choice and would let loose a barrage of internal self reproach and reprimand. Combined with a good deal of digestive discomfort the following day, it was definitely a poor example of mindful conscious awareness and self-care practice on my part!

To figure out how best to feed my cracker habit and not cause my body or mind undue anxiety and stress, I turned to Google and was delighted when my search turned up numerous recipes for homemade crackers that were plant-based and good for me even if eaten all in one sitting! Into the kitchen I went pulling out cookie sheets, parchment paper, recipes, and ingredients. Leftover almond meal from making mylk was not a good choice as the crackers looked beautiful but had the potential to break off teeth when trying to bite into them. Baked quinoa with veg were my favourite until I started over-cooking (aka burning) them on a fairly regular basis! I have learned that when baking crackers in the oven, there is a fine line between not quite done and burnt. It was a line I crossed often. Crackers are not very appealing when you add charred bits and a smoky flavour.

As the proverbial expression, initially influenced by Plato, goes, “necessity is the mother of invention”. I was on a mission to create a healthy snack option that was both delicious and good for me. My stubborn “you’re not the boss of me” self was determined to make it work. One morning inspiration dawned and I remembered my long coveted, rarely used, 5-tray Salton dehydrator sitting on a shelf in the basement pantry. Back to Google searching and back to the kitchen I went!

My crackers were divine! Healthy, minimal ingredients, RAW (aka no nutrient loss due to high temperatures), and guilt-free in that I could eat as many as I wanted, whenever I wanted without having to worry about my critical self nattering on and on about it. They were soo good, that I began sharing them with a few friends and family members, who loved them enough to offer to PAY me if I made them a batch. How RAWSOME was that?? Eventually, I upgraded to a larger, 5-tray Excalibur dehydrator and RAWsomely Delicious was born. My mini, healthy, plant based snack biz was underway.

I have since changed the name to AWEsomely Delicious, as not everything I offer is raw; but, it is all awesome, “clean”, and good for you … And, yes, sometimes I still eat an entire jar of crackers in one sitting!

Much love and inspiration to you – Eat well, smile often, live happy!

Wendy xo

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